Set in the era of the Vietnam War, this is a love story between a young man and woman caughtibdbadge up in the throes of that era.  CLAY STONER:  born and raised in the Ozarks, Annapolis graduate, navy pilot, a fun-loving, carefree jet jockey – until he learns he is going to have to bomb real people.  MARIANNA HAIZET: daughter of a renowned Swiss banking family, sheltered in boarding schools while pursuing her music studies, and recovering from a shattering experience after having known little joy in her life – until she meets Clay.

OUR COUPLE meets by chance in Nice during a Bastille Day weekend, and when they part neither imagines their lives will ever cross again.  They are from two different worlds.  But fate intervenes and they do meet again –   and connect – and despite repeated vows of “no commitments” , she becomes immersed in his world of rowdy parties and the tension and torment surrounding young women and their pilots waiting to go off to war as they stumble into a quixotic love affair that each believes is hopeless.

Little do they know that their destiny is to be caught up in an international intrigue that will lead from the South of France through Switzerland and all the way back to the Ozarks, or that she will become a singing star, or that as a couple their names will become famous and indelibly linked to one of the greatest scandals of all time.  The questions raised throughout, though, are simple…what is love…can ideals triumph in a world of compromise?


 “Marvelous. No Commitments is a meticulously plotted adventure that takes one from the beaches of southern France to the Ozark woods of Missouri.  A tale of love, betrayal and political intrigue, it engages, entertains and energizes the reader.” –Kenneth T. Jackson, award winning author; recipient of the Bancroft and Francis Parkman prizes for Crabgrass Frontier;  chief editor of The Encyclopedia of New York City.

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Author, Val Sharp

Val Sharp was a navy pilot during the era of this novel.  Afterwards he obtained a Columbia MBA and enjoyed a second career as a Wall Street investment banker and finance company president. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Christina, and their youngest child, German shepherd Riva.



What Readers are Saying about No Commitments

When Sharp, who attended Annapolis and is a pilot, writes about flying, his writing is at its best. The ending will keep you on the edge of your seat. I think the main message of the book is reflected by a newsman at the end. “It’s a powerful message what this war’s done to the youth of this country.” – Barbara Keer, Editor, Chicago Splash Magazine

No Commitments takes place in rarified air – from Navy jets in Vietnam to private jets of corruption, from the beaches of southern France to the secretive webs of Swiss banks. Sharp portrays a world of glitz and greed where individual courage is pitted against truly evil power, where choices about love, core values and actions both shape and reveal character. – Amazon Review

No Commitments is a winner in every aspect. – Amazon Review

Val Sharp’s first novel is a flawless blend of two story lines (indeed, two genres) that converge seamlessly and move to an action filled climax…The background is so beautifully described in disciplined prose, and the three dimensional characters so interesting, you won’t want to put the book down. – Maynard Allington, Novelist

You can feel the characters’ emotions and find yourself cheering them on. – Amazon Review

Some of the best love stories told are about two people who are absolutely not right for each other…yet they are. – Amazon Review

Anyone who grew up in Small Town America and dreamed of spending time in far off places will love this book. – Amazon Review

An engaging love story intertwined with the realities of war. – Amazon Review

Diving into the story gave me an all new perspective of that time of history which I was not around to witness. – Amazon Review

I feel the divorce rate would be lower if the concept was understood by both parties before the ceremony. – Amazon Review.

Great story. Great writing. Great characters. – Amazon Review″></script>

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