MONDAY MUSINGS – Spammed out


Monday – May 6, 2013 

North Korea, Afghanistan, now Syria.  Who is next? 

In the past three weeks I have received on average about 80 comments a day on my website.  Almost all of them sang praises about my writing:  how unique; most inspiring, best article on the subject I ever read; etc, etc.   It was very strange that none of them referred to or commented on any specific subject raised in any of the musings – just generic words of praise on the quality of the content, whatever that might have been.  That is because 99% were spammers trying to peddle something and to get readers to click on their address.  They know who they are, but I will name just a few who were among the leaders of the pack:

Vitamix,  Foxy Daters, Funny Pictures, Kamagra, Xamathome, Payday Loans, Laser Hair Removal, Oahu Wedding Photography.etc. 

Do me a favor, people, and knock it off.

I’m heading for the islands today, and since I spent so much time deleting spam, I won’t have a muse until I get back. For those of you have been following and made meaningful comments,  I’m sorry if they got caught up in the spam,  and –

I thank you for stopping by. 




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