MONDAY MUSINGS – You Can’t Win Them All

Monday – February 25, 2013 

Watching the Academy Awards last night I had great empathy with so many of the losers. I shared it with Danica too, at Daytona. For those pursuing many vocations, having to face up to losses goes with the territory. Athletes seldom win every match or race or game. The arts can be a particularly discouraging field. Most actors, singers and dancers at an audition don’t get the part. They need a thick skin. Same with artists whose paintings are seldom viewed and don’t sell. And, of course, the same with novelists whose books are not read – especially the self-published first novel.

I don’t believe in free, but when I self published my first novel, “No Commitments”, I wanted it to be read. So, to get it out there in the marketplace, I did what many other authors had been doing. I told everyone I could that it was coming and gave the Kindle download version away free for two days. I was quite stunned by the response – more than 16,000 downloads. And then the book started to sell. I thought the audition had been a success – for about three weeks. After that a nose dive, and even though the novel received an INDIE BOOK OF THE DAY AWARD, a disappointing couple of months ensued. Word of mouth was not working. I tried the free day approach again. This time only about 2000 downloads. Compared to the first, I would have to consider that audition a failure. What to do about it? The same as so many artists have done through the ages. Keep on working at it. Focus on finishing the next novel. Maybe it will win the race or get the starring role – or maybe not. We shall see.


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