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Monday – February 11, 2013

As I sit in my office at home looking out at the frozen tundra and wondering how long it may take for 22 inches of snow to melt, I am thinking – how fortunate! No more fences and trees downed. No six days without water, heat and electricity this time! Must be time to head for the Caribbean. It’s been a good year so far. The market is up. Son’s business is doing well and his two seven year old twins ski like Lindsey Vonn and swim like female Michael Phelps’. Daughter is in a delightful tizzy, producing a school play in Greenwich and planning a May wedding for her oldest daughter; her middle daughter is in Chicago on the way to becoming a stage singing  starlet; her youngest is busy mulling over which of her college acceptances to choose. It is a grandfather’s prerogative to brag  about his progeny. My wife and I are still alive. What more could one ask…but I am always leery about feeling too good about things. Markets do go down; Lindsey Vonn just tore up her knee; A bus can come along anytime one steps into the street – and wham!

I was interviewed a few days ago about “No Commitments” by the IBBA. I hope you bear with me while I share some of it with you.

BOOK BRIEF: No Commitments

by Val Sharp

Genre: A love story (i) Fiction: Action and Adventure (ii) Fiction: War (Ranked #1 in both categories during two day free promotion on Kindle Bookstore)  Word count: Approximately 118,000No-Commitments-Cover-Front-FULL

Set in the era of the Vietnam War, this is a love story of a young man and woman caught up in the throes of that time. CLAY STONER: Annapolis graduate, navy pilot, born and raised in the Ozarks, he’s a fun loving, carefree jet jockey…until he learns he is actually going to have to bomb real people. MARIANNA HAIZET: Daughter from a renowned Swiss banking family, sheltered in boarding schools while pursuing a career in music, has known little joy in life…until she meets Clay.

OUR COUPLE meet by chance in Nice during a Bastille Day weekend and when they part neither imagines their lives will ever cross again. They are from the two different worlds. But fate intervenes and they do meet again – and connect – and despite repeated vows of No Commitments, she becomes immersed in his world of rowdy parties and the tension and torment surrounding young women and their pilots about to go off to war. They stumble into a love affair that each believes is hopeless, and from that day forward their lives are changed forever.

Little do they know that their destiny is to become caught up in an international intrigue that will lead from the South of France, through Switzerland, and all the way back to the Missouri Ozarks…or that she will become a singing star…or that as a couple their names will become indelibly linked to one of the greatest scandals of their time.

This title is available in print from CreateSpace and in Kindle format from Amazon.

Val, how did you come up with the title for your book? Does it have any special meaning?

When the hero, Clay, first meets the heroine, Mariana, he is expecting to soon be deployed to Vietnam, fate uncertain. Unbeknownst to him, she is engaged to be married. They have fun together, living only for the moment. Each informs the other not to expect their “haps” together to ever become a commitment.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Marianna, a complex woman, ranging from a sweet, innocent coed, naïve in many ways, to an aloof, sophisticate stemming from her debutante upbringing; at times cynical and selfish, at other times lovingly devoted and caring. Afraid to face a commitment, she finally does, and becomes the “rock” Clay desperately needs.

Does your book have any underlying theme, message, or moral?

Near the end of the book a news reporter remarks: “It’s a powerful message about what the war’s done to the youth of this country.”

The questions raised throughout are simple…what is love…can ideals triumph in a world of compromise?

What would/could a reader or reviewer say about this book that shows they “get” you as an author?

It takes place in rarefied air, from navy jets in Vietnam to private jets of corruption. Portrays a world of glitz and greed where individual courage is pitted against truly evil power; where choices about love, core values and actions both shape and reveal character. (From an Amazon review by C. Adams, who “got” it.)

Give us an excerpted quote from your favorite review of this book:

“The captivating story of a navy pilot who was against the Vietnam War and the aftermath he and his soul mate dealt with. Great story, great writing, great characters.” Amazon review

Where can people learn more about your writing?

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