Sunday – January 27, 2013 

I’m leaving tonight, so I am posting a day early.

It seems as if you cannot pick up a magazine or newspaper today without seeing an article discussing the changes self-publishing is forcing upon the traditional publishing worlds: “the pros and cons of each, does a novel need a publisher, publishing is broken – it’s drowning in Indie books.” Not only are these types of articles rampant in book industry trade publications, but they are now being seen daily or weekly in Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, The New York Times. Something is going on.

From this week’s title you can see which side of the stadium I am rooting from – and with good reason. This week I was honored to have “No Commitments” selected for the INDIE BOOK OF THE DAY AWARD, how I do not know. Communication follows:

Hi Val,

I am contacting you on behalf of the IBD Awards. We had recently received a nomination for your book, No Commitments and have selected it as the Indie Book of the Day Award winner for 25th of January, 2013.  As a result, your book is currently featured on our homepage for the entire day today until 8-10 am US CDT the next day.The book has also been added to our winners database( and a ‘for life’ feature post has been created, which can be viewed here: I am also attaching the winning certificate & your IBD Badge along withthis email. You are welcome to share the news, use the winning badge, the certificate, etc. in any way possible to help improve your books visibility.On behalf of the entire IBD Team and the Indie Community we would like to congratulate you, as well wish you further success in your future writing endeavors.

Kind Regards,

Joshua B., I.T & Communication,The IBD Team,



Starting tonight I expect excerpts to be featured at regular intervals at, and even though during its two free-day promotion on Amazon “No Commitments” reached a #1 ranking in two genres: (1) Action and Adventure, and (ii) War; it will be first featured on BookDaily in the Romance category. Please take the time to review one of the above sites. I hope you enjoy.

Royal Certificates

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