I always get sentimental on New Year’s Eve.So as the year winds down and much ado has been made about holiday gatherings and family, this year I’ve turned my thoughts to friendship and how to define it. Like trying to remember dreams after the fact, it’s so very difficult to “wrap my mind around it.” Of course, many scholars and philosophers have pondered its meaning: what does friendship consist of? Mutual interests? Common backgrounds? Educational and cultural upbringing that somehow coincide? Similar values ? I would say none of the above. Montaigne wrote simply in “Of Friendship”: why did I love my friend? “Because he was he and I was I.” What does this mean? To me it means that despite separation, disagreement, quarrels – even death – a friendship, once begun, endures .Because what caused it to begin in each person, what caused that initial, mutual empathy (if it is genuine) can never be erased, can never die – even if the friends never see one another again, even if they spend their lives apart. Were they to meet again, here or in the hereafter, nothing would have changed.

Thanks for stopping by, and to all – HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. In thinking about friendship I have found that those who were friends since elementary school tend to remain friends the rest of their lives even though time and space may keep them separated through the years. I have found that the friends from early years are the ones who helped form future friendships and there are no stronger ties than those early ones. So Happy New Year to one of my early childhood friends who still remain a friend.

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